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London, December 2021, Natural Grace launches into six Barrecore locations around London, including the new City studio at St Mary's Axe, the perfect location for its Run the City collection.


Natural Grace stands to enhance human health and ocean health, bringing athletes a breath of fresh air. The luxury high-performance sportswear brand launched in response to the 8 million tonnes of plastic suffocating our oceans each year. Innovatively created out of regenerated ocean plastics (ie ghost fishing nets), Natural Grace champions the importance of the ocean as our planet's lungs*, whilst providing athlete quality workout gear to allow women who make an impact to release endorphins and draw breath in busy lives.


Barrecore clients will be able to purchase both of Natural Grace's super sustainable, high performance collections, Run the City and Forces of Nature, which are surprisingly soft and designed to be compressive, sweat wicking and body sculpting. The range includes the bestselling squat proof, bum sculpting Kamala Legging (£115), the super soft Octavia Vest (£70) and the hyper comfortable Luca bra (£55). Designed for comfort and engineered for performance, Natural Grace offers truly guilt free luxury so women can workout with impact.


Commenting on it’s new stocking in Barrecore, ex-track athlete Founder, Grace Osborne, said: “We are incredibly excited to be stocked in 6 of Barrecore’s London studios! My background is in finance, so the launch of Barrecore City creates a particularly fitting location for our ‘Run the City’ collection, created for women who make an impact."**


Natural Grace is now stocked in the following Barrecore Locations:

King's Road, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Islington, Hampstead and St Mary’s Axe.



*(The oceans generate 80% of the oxygen we breathe).

** (All women!)

Purpose: To enhance human health and ocean health, bringing our athletes a breath of fresh air.

Vision: We will create a world where our athletes are forces of nature. Together, we will protect our planet's lungs by removing plastic from our oceans.


Mission: Through creating the highest quality sustainable sportswear, allowing women to workout with impact. Educating, inspiring and innovating, to allow the world to breathe more freely.

Behind the Brand: Natural Grace was launched in April 2021 by ex-track athlete Grace Osborne after a forced pause for breath in her Investment Banking career due to a protracted TBI. After months of failed medical treatments it was suggested she spent time by the ocean to recover. In a metamorphosis moment Grace began to heal through reconnecting with nature and slowly began to exercise again. Filling her lungs with ocean air, she couldn’t help but feel troubled by the polluting human activities suffocating the oceans. When she eventually returned to the city, Grace wanted to give back to nature and improve human health. Natural Grace is on a mission to protect our planet's lungs, through the highest quality sustainable sportswear, allowing women to workout with impact.

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